Energy storage - made simple

Enreb supplies intelligent high performance Energy Storage System

Do you need energy storage to handle peak power, uneven or unreliable power supply? Do you need mobile or off-grid power? Enreb manufactures Energy Storage Systems from kWh to MWh. Enreb’s products are safe, cost efficient and quick to install.

About us

The ENREB team has over 20 years experience in advanced battery management technology and a history of developing products that disrupt established markets. We are the challengers.


We work to make a meaningful contribution to a cleaner environment by simplifying the world's transition to sustainable energy


We design and manufacture advanced energy storage solutions based on our plug-and-play Energy Brick


Enreb's Energy Storage Platform helps you to bring your product to market faster, safer and at a lower cost.

Are you looking for a battery solution?

Enreb simplifies your transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy

Are you thinking about how to make your transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy with your products? Enreb’s skilled team of system designers together with our energy storage platform offers you a quick and cost efficient path to electrification.

Enreb bridges the gap between Lithium-ion power and your product

Our platform is modular, tested & plug and play. The heart of the platform is the Energy Brick 


Configuration from kW to MW from 48V to 800V


Built in thermal shields and heat sensors minimizes fire propagation


The Energy Brick automatically configures when attached to the system

Lowest cost

Cost efficiency by design – a single form factor designed for automatic mass production


Energy Bricks can be stacked to achieve the required energy characteristics

Self sustainable

The built in extended BMS secures the functionality in every Energy Brick


The extended BMS and built-in thermal control enables accurate lifetime prediction

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Do you want to be a part of the transition towards CO2 emissions neutral world? We are always looking for creative pioneers with high ambitions.